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20th November – Weekly Cyber Security Roundup standard

Cyber crime In the light of recent events, cyber crime has been at the forefront of technology news. In recent times, the safety of information online has been increasingly more vulnerable. So it is important to keep yourself protected. According to a recent government report, within the last 12 months 81% of UK businesses have had a security breech. Many businesses may think that it would not happen to them but the risks are not to be underestimated according to a government official. Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude said: “The cyber threat remains one of the most significant – and growing – risks facing UK business.” A survey from the Office of National statistics states that last year alone there ...

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7th August – Weekly Cyber Security Roundup standard

All over the country it would seem that businesses and governments alike, are seeking out the cost and operational benefits of moving over to VoIP telephony and cloud based computing. The reality however, is that the security of these services is forever under scrutiny, with stories of high profile hacks filling the front pages of newspapers, the world over. VoIP (telephony over an IP network such as the internet) allows you to make a call directly from a computer, a VoIP phone, a traditional telephone connected to a special adapter or a PBX system. The VoIP service uses a signalling protocol known as a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) in order to function. Although VoIP is seemingly far more advantageous than ...

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31st July – Weekly Cyber Security Roundup standard

This week, there is an emphasis on business owners investing the right amount of time and resources into the security of the companies; trying to be self sufficient can have both positive and negative impacts, depending on the company’s situation.   Bosses wasting more than 3-weeks a year on do-it-yourself IT A study by Altodigital has showed that bosses of SME’s are in fact wasting more than three weeks of their own time each year by attempting to manage their IT rather than outsourcing it.   It’s Time to Change How We Think About SSL/TLS “We’ve seen a rising tide of hacks in recent years, occurring in part because most businesses have no clue how to smartly manage their certificate ...

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17th July – Weekly Cyber Security Roundup standard

In what is deemed by many as a U-turn by the government on an encryption ban; UK minister Ed Vaizey has dismissed media reports, whilst also promising that cyber-security remains a ‘priority’ in Whitehall. Keeping with the Government theme… It’s been a bad week for politicians as an MEP on the “We Love Wi-Fi” campaign gets her Facebook account hacked and a Lib Dem peer gets a VoIP call intercepted and recorded whilst in the comfort of his hotel room.     How SIP Trunking Will Extend Your VoIP Telephony and UC Capabilities Internet telephony is now becoming the go-to communications platform for businesses around the globe. With VoIP leading the way, businesses are now taking collaboration and productivity to ...

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Come on ISDN, your time is up standard

BT announced earlier this year that they plan to migrate all their voice customers away from traditional telecoms, essentially switching off the PSTN and ISDN networks. BT Group CEO, Gavin Patterson, stated in a webcast that by 2025 all their voice customers will be using IP Voice. This is not unexpected; ISDN is old, whilst cutting edge in the 1980’s the old circuit switched technology cannot keep up with the modern world. BT have had this change on their roadmap for some time, transforming their network into an IP voice and data network by implementing their 21st Century Network (at some considerable cost no doubt) the next logical step for them to take is to retire the old one. In ...

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New opportunities for channel partners standard

UK service provider,, has launched a new partner programme to form key alliances with traditional telecoms, IT and information security partners with a recruitment drive that will see the company aim to further accelerate sales this year. The change in’s approach comes at a time when the company is preparing to launch a new Unified Communications suite in addition to increasing sales of its SIP Encrypt solution, the only completely secure and compliant VoIP offering in the UK that meets Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. The revamped partner programme recognises the need for telecommunications to be further integrated with IT and information security properly considered, to ensure a business is protected from security threats. Chris Harding, Channel ...

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Heartbleed Bug – Secure SIP services using TLS standard

VoIP hereby confirm that our encrypted SIP systems have been fully checked are not vulnerable to the ‘Heartbleed’ Bug. Out compliance driven infrastructure is subject to ongoing updates subject to our system patching policy. All systems have been double checked and we have confirmed the software we use is not using vulnerable modules. Please contact your security advisor for further information.

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