With a £34 billion per year cost to British businesses and hundreds, if not thousands of attacks reported every single day from the Ministry of Defence, it is clear that cybercrime is “one of the biggest threats that we face in the world today”. The roll out of an entirely digitised telephone network from BT further raises the question of whether or not businesses have the security in place, should they be subject to a cyber-attack.

“Virtual threat teams” in fight against cybercrime.

The National Crime Agency is building closer relationships with security firms in its attempt to curb attacks and help map cyber-crime throughout Britain.


Are British Businesses investing enough in the fight against cybercrime?

Revenue, reputation, brand image… These are but a few of the things at risk for businesses not keeping up with the ever increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks. “The Centre for Economics and Business Research estimates that cybercrime costs British businesses £34 billion per year, including £18 billion from lost revenue.”


The demise of analogue.

It’s taken almost 15 years since the telecom giant first proposed the idea of an “all-singing, all-dancing, all-digital network of the future”, but British Telecom is finally bringing about the demise of the analogue fixed line networks still hanging on throughout the country.


M.O.D dealing with cyber-attacks in the thousands.

Britain’s military, which hosts the single-largest computer network in the whole of Europe – logging in excess of 1 million suspicious incidents every 24 hours –faces a constant uphill struggle with the ever-changing concerns over cyber defence.