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Delta Taxis in Liverpool was growing fast. Their low cost private hire service had seen telephone bookings increase from 4.5 Million in 2005 to 5.4 Million in 2006 and 6.3 Million in 2007. In order to keep up with their expansion they required new, larger premises to house additional staff and facilities.

In June 2008 Europe’s busiest private hire taxi company approached looking for a high-availability SIP trunk for their contact centre. 12 months later, this video shows what they have to say about working with

After three years designing and constructing a bespoke, £3million Control Centre their first key challenge became apparent – how to transfer the entire operation across town without loss of service. Delta drivers are licensed for pre-bookings only, so any down-time in telephone service means a halt to their entire operation.

The second challenge was also evident – how to retain the same telephone number despite a change of area code. Abandoning the number was unthinkable, it had been their lifeline for 40 years. Emblazoned on over 1,400 taxis, pre-stored in mobile phone and hotel speed dials, the company telephone number had been memorised by three generations of local residents.

Innovative but complex VoIP solution

The sheer volume of work made a call-forwarding solution too costly, so being true business innovators Delta opted to seek a VoIP solution that would meet their stringent demands. The VoIP option had a lot of appeal – simple portability of the current phone number, no physical ISDN line installation, low operating and through life costs, and unlimited scalability.

However, this could be no simple “one-stop shop” solution for Delta. The VoIP had to integrate seamlessly with Delta’s many other diverse suppliers (Avaya, Cisco, HP, CabCall, Sigtec and Capstone) in order to complete the incredibly complex process of modern-day book and dispatch.

Dynamic leadership from

Paul McLaughlin of Delta Taxis picks up the story: “Management of this technically complex project was out of our league and we needed someone with the knowledge and dedication to drive it through. We entrusted this to Adam Crisp, MD of, who addressed the challenge with extreme competence and took the whole project in hand. Adam worked closely with all the project partners to resolve each of the issues during implementation, resulting in the move going perfectly.”

“Since then there have been shakedown issues, but always respond immediately. They are very fast troubleshooters – the 15-minute fix is typical – and they are now essential to the support of our enterprise. is a valued partner and I would strongly recommend them to any company considering a similarly ambitious VoIP installation.”

About Delta Taxis

Delta’s call centre is the busiest taxi dispatch operation in Europe, currently taking 7.2 million bookings annually over its 150 VoIP lines.

Forty percent are processed automatically by CabCall’s interactive voice response system with the remaining sixty percent filtering across to the call centre, which maintains an average response time of less than 2 seconds despite peak call rates of over 10 calls per second.

Following Delta’s relocation and with capacity to process bookings no longer limited by IT systems, the VoIP solution has become integral in keeping the European Capital of Culture on the move.

The high-capacity Delta VoIP System

Production IT systems at Delta are extensive, combining industry leading and specialist products in the areas of:

  • Voice and data over private mobile radio
  • Best match car booking systems with data entry
  • Auto booking with address and time of day matching
  • IVR systems
  • Telephone call centre
  • Customer notification systems (ring on approach)

At the heart of the Call center sits an Avaya Communications manager PBX with VoIP telephone handsets powered by a Cisco POE (Power over Ethernet) LAN.

Extensive use of API’s provided by the Avaya system integrate the vendor’s products, and customers work through an IVR system which typically can capture up to 40% of car bookings without the need to speak to a telephone operator.

Calls delivered by are accepted at a rate of about 10 Calls per second during busy times and voice messages are delivered to customers when their taxi provided extensive vendor integration assistance to Delta in addition to the standard off-the-shelf telephony products, and have helped Delta build a 100% 24/7 system uptime solution.

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