SIP Encrypt

SIP Encrypt protects telephone calls against eavesdropping,

Your business generates or handles sensitive information every day. Would you be happy with this being in the public domain or stolen by cyber thieves?

Public Networks such as the Internet are open and transmitting sensitive information over them is risky. The interception of any sensitive information by an eavesdropper can destroy business growth and ruin reputation.

Furthermore a company can be subject to significant fines from the banking industry should cardholder information be lost.

The ISO Standard for Information Security Management is ISO27001. The information security management system considers people, processes and IT Systems.

The PCIDSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is a strict set of requirements specifically targeting cardholder data. It covers the processing, storage and transmission of cardholder data and specifically mandates the encryption of sensitive data.

featured-generic2Connecting your phone system to a service provider using a IP connection is very common. This use of VoIP is known as SIP Trunking. The vast majority of today’s phone systems are IP based and Internet based SIP trunking services are very cost effective compared with traditional analogue (POTS) or ISDN lines. However most SIP Trunking implementations take no consideration of call security. The main focus for installers to often to achieve customer satisfaction with a working installation in the shortest possible time, instead of thinking about SIP security. SIP Encrypt tackles this problem by providing a compliance audited strongly encrypted solution, with an easy to install, fully managed gateway, which is PBX maintainer friendly and very cost effective. Installations of our VoIP Security solution, SIP Encrypt, do not require PBX systems to be directly connected to the Internet. Breaking the link between the Internet and the PBX greatly improves internal systems security and reduces the risk of external attack penetration. This also reduces the risk of telephony misuse by external parties commonly known as VoIP Hacking or SIP Hacking or Toll Fraud. To learn more about SIP Encrypt and how we can help safeguard the security of your SIP trunks by converting them to secure encrypted SIP Trunks please complete the form below.

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