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Secure your network and protect your business

Ask any business leader whether they would be concerned if their confidential business plans discussed over the phone with a colleague were wire-tapped then the resulting answer would probably be "YES!"

Voice and Data

Every business understands the need to secure business data, and most will have invested in security appliances such as firewalls and intrusion detection systems, to build a network border and protect against business disruption events or intellectual property theft. Today’s voice networks run over the top of IP networks and this means voice is an application to protect.

DTMF and data within a telephone call

It is common place to use the key buttons on a telephone handset to assist in routing calls. Some systems, such as banking contact centres collect key presses – or DTMF tones to identify customers and match pin numbers. This type of data is very easy to collect and this data is present in the telephone call and therefore must be protected.

Voice security Solution from

Our SIP Encrypt service protects voice calls in the same way that websites use https, – ‘padlocked’ sessions to encrypt sensitive visual data. Our solution includes a security appliance which works in a similar way to an encrypting firewall or VPN concentrator. Voice calls from the PBX are sent via the appliance to our network switch, safegaurding your conversations against unilateral call recording or eavesdropping.


Voice security is an important consideration to fit in to your Information Security policy and SIP Encrypt is the ideal solution to protect calls in your business.

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