This week’s security round up focuses attention on the highly debated issue of encryption on a national scale as the prime minister himself calls for more powers to be given to the police and intelligence services in an attempt to curb the threat of cyber terrorism.

Alongside David Cameron, we also found security professionals urging businesses to consider the implications of moving over to SIP trunking without always taking security into consideration.

Ask any business leader whether they would be concerned if their confidential business plans discussed over the phone with a colleague were wire-tapped then the resulting answer would probably be “YES!” We recommend our SIP Encrypt service to any organisation who deals with confidential or sensitive information over the telephone. This includes but is not limited to any Enterprise organisation, Businesses operating in manufacturing, Healthcare or other services handling sensitive personal information, the Financial Sector, Contact Centres and Retail. Any business taking card payments over the phone where card data is handled must comply with PCIDSS requirements and calls must be secured.


Happy hackers rate Unified Comms flaw 10/10

The ease of compromise and possible devastation of a hack leaves the unified comms flaw at Cisco a 10/10 severity rating.


Times – they are a changing…

Organisations are focusing too much on network security and anti-virus, and not enough on data protection


Encryption isn’t for everyone… David Cameron’s latest statement leaves security experts in disbelief.

David Cameron last week told Parliament how he believes the best way forward for the British public was to “ensure that terrorists do not have a safe space in which to communicate”.


Encryption backdoors untenable.

The strains cyber security is placing on police and intelligence services around the country is becoming a real issue as strong encryption is making it much more difficult to intervene and disrupt criminal activity.


Businesses never forget the impacts, major or minor, on their business.

“According to the United Kingdom’s Government Communications Headquarters, (GCHQ), eight in every 10 of the biggest British companies have suffered a serious cyberattack costing the UK economy tens of millions of pounds annually, making cybercrime one of the UK’s top national security risks alongside terrorism.”


Met Police chief admits cyber-crime difficulties

“Our digital society needs digital policing”


The hidden security costs of cheap calls

Vendors are pushing the simplicity of SIP trunking; but there are issues to consider. To gain the benefits and safeguard the business, security must be an integral component of any SIP trunking deployment.