In what is deemed by many as a U-turn by the government on an encryption ban; UK minister Ed Vaizey has dismissed media reports, whilst also promising that cyber-security remains a ‘priority’ in Whitehall.
Keeping with the Government theme… It’s been a bad week for politicians as an MEP on the “We Love Wi-Fi” campaign gets her Facebook account hacked and a Lib Dem peer gets a VoIP call intercepted and recorded whilst in the comfort of his hotel room.



How SIP Trunking Will Extend Your VoIP Telephony and UC Capabilities

Internet telephony is now becoming the go-to communications platform for businesses around the globe. With VoIP leading the way, businesses are now taking collaboration and productivity to new heights through unified communications (UC).


UK politicos easily pwned on insecure Wi-Fi networks

Lib Dem peer falls victim to VoIP hack form comfort of own hotel room.


The World’s first hack: the telegraph and the invention of privacy

“There never was and never will be privacy.” – John Packer


BT runs trial of IPv6 addressing system

BT tinkers with customers’ connections as they begin trials of the eventual next version of IP. At the moment only 6% of all net traffic travels using IPv6.


Cisco will spend $1 billion on UK tech sector

£650m is to be invested into the British technology sector in an aim to spur IoT innovation and boost STEM skills.


UK Government makes U-Turn on encryption ban

“Whatever the outcome of that review cyber-security will remain a priority for government, and we will continue to tackle the dangers posed by cyber-security, and continue to invest in growing cyber-security sector.”