Cyber crime

In the light of recent events, cyber crime has been at the forefront of technology news. In recent times, the safety of information online has been increasingly more vulnerable. So it is important to keep yourself protected.

According to a recent government report, within the last 12 months 81% of UK businesses have had a security breech. Many businesses may think that it would not happen to them but the risks are not to be underestimated according to a government official. Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude said: “The cyber threat remains one of the most significant – and growing – risks facing UK business.”

A survey from the Office of National statistics states that last year alone there were over 2.5 million cyber crimes in England and Wales as well as over five million cases of online fraud committed. These new figures show it is the largest single type of crime in the UK.

Cyber crime isn’t just affecting Internet users. There are also concerns that the safety of businesses that use VoIP technology could be under threat from hacking.

VoIP uses a signalling protocol SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) in order to function. This means the system works by using an IP address over the internet. By using the Internet to communicate, this could mean the network is susceptible to toll fraud.

Toll fraud attacks are usually a highly organised and gain illegal access to a phone system and placing illicit long distance calls. A hacker will target individual networks with weaknesses such as insecure passwords and low-barrier network configurations. The attacks generally occur out of office hours and are only discovered after they have happened. If a fraudster gains access to a system, in a few hours they can build up charges for thousands of pounds. However, most of the calls are connected over a period of time and will continue to accumulate call charges with the company left to cover the costs.

The UK is said to be the third most targeted country in the world for toll fraud attacks. It is said to costs businesses £1.2 billion each year according to a survey by the Communications Fraud Control Association’s (CFCA). Each year there is a global increase of 15% on phone fraud and it is suggested that about 84% of UK businesses are unsafe from hacking. With the growing risk it is important for businesses to protect themselves from the effects of toll fraud.

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This week, one of TelecityGroups data centres suffered a power outage. On Tuesday afternoon the outage knocked out four floors of all the primary and backup power supplies. This affected many VoIP services including ours and Amazon services.

At around 2pm, Sovereign House data centre lost utility power and failed to switch to the backup generators. Our team got to work immediately by using a secondary data centre to get some of our services back online but it wasn’t until 9pm that services were 100 per cent operational. After the initial power outage, throughout the night, engineers worked to replace the damaged equipment and to manage emergency power downs that happened over night in London.

However, even though the platform is reconfigured, the systems are running on mains power without UPS protection, which leaves them vulnerable to losses in mains power. Telecity have suggested they can fix the problem and will repair it.

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