All over the country it would seem that businesses and governments alike, are seeking out the cost and operational benefits of moving over to VoIP telephony and cloud based computing. The reality however, is that the security of these services is forever under scrutiny, with stories of high profile hacks filling the front pages of newspapers, the world over.

VoIP (telephony over an IP network such as the internet) allows you to make a call directly from a computer, a VoIP phone, a traditional telephone connected to a special adapter or a PBX system. The VoIP service uses a signalling protocol known as a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) in order to function. Although VoIP is seemingly far more advantageous than its predecessor – ISDN, the nature of using internet to communicate with one another opens up the possibility of wiretapping.

The biggest problem, businesses have with ISDN is when it goes down. Unlike ISDN, SIP and Hosted Telephony call routing can be moved within seconds, so maybe you have another internet connection, calls are merely flipped down an alternate line, no waiting for BT to put a divert on, or undergo days of testing.

Keeping with PCI compliance, SIP Encrypt from is a wire-tap proof secure SIP Trunk. A SAFE gateway deployed at the customer site encrypts all voice calls between the customer’s PBX and, guaranteeing complete peace of mind.


 “I absolutely endorse, support and encourage the securing of voice technology. Although I think this applies in a general sense, it is paramount when considering that something as sensitive as someone’s credit card identity is at risk.”

Christian Janoff
PCI Board of Advisors
CISCO Systems



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