SIP Encrypt – Protection for SIP Trunking standard Ask any business leader whether they would be concerned if their confidential business plans discussed over the phone with a colleague were wire-tapped then the resulting answer would probably be "YES!" We recommend our SIP Encrypt service to any organisation who deals with confidential or sensitive information over the telephone. This includes but is not limited to any Enterprise organisation, Businesses operating in manufacturing, Healthcare or other services handling sensitive personal information, the Financial Sector, Contact Centres and Retail. Any business taking card payments over the phone where card data is handled must comply with PCIDSS requirements and calls must be secured. Data and Voice, Voice is Data Every business understands the need to secure business data, and most will have ...

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Cloud enhanced SIP Trunking standard

Competitive Features VoIP is the technology underpinning current telephony standards. Many improvements are made over traditional analogue and ISDN phone "lines". The connection an IP-PBX (your IP enabled phone system) makes to our network is called a SIP Trunk. are SIP Trunk experts.'s SIP Trunks connect your business to the PSTN and to our cloud communication systems VoIP provides a lower cost alternative to the traditional networks VoIP is scalable on an individual channel basis and extra capacity can be added or removed without additional cabling work. For multi-site organisations all internal phones can be on the same network, so calls between sites within the organisation are potentially toll free. Number portability is assured and simple, even when moving long distance. This means ...

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