Why does encryption matter?

GDPR 2018

The EU Data Protection Regulation coming into force in May 2018 will levy significant fines for businesses who fail to protect the data they hold. If you transmit personal data by telephone,  you should add an extra level of encryption to demonstrate that you are taking steps to adhere with the regulation.

Information Security

Calls made over the Public Internet are vulnerable to remote wiretapping.If you have an Information Security policy or are compliance driven you must protect your business communications from malicious hackers. The interception of sensitive information could see you suffering from intellectual property theft.


Organisations no matter how small amass sensitive information relating to all their stakeholders from customers, partners, suppliers, employees to investors. Not taking measures to protect this data from falling into the wrong hands risks damage to your reputation at the very least.

“You wouldn’t leave your laptop open on the train with all your critical business information for all to see.
Why do this with your phone?”

– Adam Crisp, CTO Firstcom Europe

How do I get SIP Encrypt?

SIP Encrypt

SIP Encrypt

Our Solution

Wiretap proof Internet telephony

If you are deploying a VoIP telephony solution you should consider call encryption. When the Internet or even private MPLS lines are used to make and receive calls there is a risk that these calls are ask risk from remote access wiretapping.

Firstcom’s SIP Encrypt service is a fully audited secure VoIP solution that safeguards against eavesdropping and toll fraud.This service is essential for organisations that have an Information Security Policy or accept credit card payments; these include contact centres, the legal and financial sector and pharmaceutical firms.


A SAFEGateway device is a low cost device that is easy to deploy whenever secure voice calls need to be implemented. The device is installed at the customer site and encrypts all voice calls between the customers phones system and Firstcom. We typically provide the SAFEGateway as part of the SIP Encrypt service but it may be deployed as a stand-alone product as per requirements.

Technical Implementation

How do you implement SIP Encrypt from Firstcom

The SAFEGateway can also be used as an on-site Se required by some phone systems when SIP Trunking is implemented (for example: Cisco BE3000, BE6000, Call Manager, Avaya Aura). Designed to function as Session Border Controller (SBC) it is compatible with every major IP PBX included but not limited to Microsoft Lync, Cisco Call Manager, Cisco BE3000, Avaya Aura, Mitel, Panasonic, Shoretel MR13+ and Asterisk.

  • Fully SIP (RFC) compliant.
  • B2BUA Routing with dialled digit and CLI fixup.
  • SIP Normalisation/Topology hiding.
  • SIP Early offer/Delayed offer support.
  • DNS SRV Support.
  • T.38 FAX support.
  • SIP over UDP/TCP with RTP (inside).
  • SIP over TLS with SRTP (outside).
  • 1u Rack mount unit or mini Tower models available.

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