What We Do

We specialise in secure business phone calls, it's that simple.

SIP Encrypt

Safeguard the future of your business: SIP Encrypt secures calls to our network,protecting your business from data-loss through eavesdropping.

GDPR 2018

Avoid data breached by adopting SIP Encrypt for your business telephony. GDPR will take effect in 2018. Act now and get ahead.

Cloud Comms

We are the only UK service provider to offer fully encrypted cloud telephony with our hosted solution Universe.

Our Story

How did we become experts in everything voice?


Since being founded in 2004 as VoIP.co.uk, we have grown our business though our network of valued channel partners to form a pan European group known as Firstcom Europe. We now have a presence in the following countries; UK, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Poland and Spain.


We pride ourselves on our technical and engineering expertise. Our business is secure telephony, we look after this to allow our customers to continue focusing on their own business without having to worry about telephony headaches.

Our Values

What drives us to provide a simple, secure, service?

We believe that every business, no matter what size or sector, should be able to protect their phone calls from malicious hackers. We developed SIP Encrypt to be affordable and easily implemented so that our customers have peace mind that their confidential voice data stays confidential.

These are the values that underpin everything we do:

Simple: We believe that all of our services should be simple for the partner and the end user.

Secure: We believe that all business communications should be secure and encrypted.

Service: We also believe that you should get the best possible service from us.

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